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Hawaii's Largest Self Storage Boat Yard

Aloha and welcome to the Honokohau Marine Storage (HMS)

We strive to provide secure self storage conveniently located in the Honokohau Marina /kailua kona / hawai‘i

Honokohau Marine Storage (HMS) is here to provide safe and secure storage of your valued marine vessel.  Currently we are focused on perfecting storage efficiency, cost effective security and high quality service.

Rates based on, registered vessel length and payment terms; month to month, semi-annual or annual payments.

$10 per ft / paid monthly.

$9 per ft / paid biannually.

$8 per ft / paid annually.

*All rates are subject to change and subject to local State and City taxes.

If you are interested in storing your vessel, please fill out the bellow application.

If your vessel requires special handling, access or exceptions to standard vessel transport or storage, please contact us for the most accurate estimate by emailing us /



Let us help. 

If you'd like to know more about the facility and how you can be a customer, please fill in this form.   A manager will be in touch shortly.

If you hate forms, have issues with commitements, fearful of submit buttons or just don't want to take the 3 seconds to fill out this form... then send us an email.



The Facility


The harbor is alive with fisherman, charters and tour operators, all providing key services to the State of Hawaii.

The Honokohau Marine Storage, is home to more than 300 Tenants, dedicated to their passion of being on the water. Whether it’s thrill seeking, fishing, or exploring the sea’s, the best of the best, operate from this facility, if not from the water. As new ownership, we are dedicated to providing great security and dedicated stewardship to helping more boat goers do more of what they love.

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Q- Do I require insurance on my vessel to remain a tenant? 
A- The short answer is no.  However any vessel that carries insurance, we are asking that you provide proof of insurance for our records.  When you provide your insurance information then our insurance cost becomes cheaper.  If our cost are lower, we can help keep your cost lower.  If you do not carry insurance on your vessel, we will have you execute an additional Hold Harmless, or similar statement with your Rental Agreement.

Q- Why do we need to provide insurance? 
A- Having your insurance on-file, coupled with improved surveillance monitoring, is going to help all of us to resolve internal disputes. accidental damages or issues caused by other unforeseen circumstances. When everyone follows best practices we all benefit. When humans stop making mistakes we will stop asking for insurance.

Q- How far in advance should we talk about bringing a boat in the yard?
A- Depending on the size of your vessel, we recommend 2-4 week notice for vessels 30’ or less. If you vessel is larger than 20’ wide we would like at least 4 weeks notice. If you require emergency or short notice storage of your vessel then space and price will vary.

Q- What can we expect from Honokohau Marine Storage?
A- We are here to support the local boating community in all their efforts. We want to help boaters do more of what they love. Here is some of our current improvements and some which will happen soon.

  • Solar street lighting throughout - 30% done

  • Updated gate entry system

  • Surveillance with facial recognition cameras &

    license plate recognition cameras

  • More stalls

  • Covered stalls

  • More End-Cap stalls

Your suggestions matter, let us know if there is something that we should be considering.

Q- What do I do if my vessel is inoperable?

A- Just let us know the details of your situation. If your vessel is being fixed by yourself or others, and you have a timeline of completion, then we wont have a problem. If not, here are some suggestions:

  • Contact a maintenance provider who can provide a timeline of repairs. *We will updating this to include suggested providers, if you can recommend good people let us know.

Q- What do I do if I get locked out?

A- Contact us because a lock out would only be due to one or more problems. / 808.351.1857

  • you failed to pay your bill.

  • you need to renew your rental contract.

  • re-establish your access.

Q- How do I pay for my storage bill?

A- Payments can be made online via e-check or credit card. Written checks can be sent to; 348 Puuhale Rd. #339, Honolulu, HI 96819.  We prefer not to take cash and the facility does not carry change or petty cash.  If these options truly don’t work, then we can deal with that on a case by case basis. Just let us know.